O’er Lang at the Fair


Smallpipes and Concertina from Northumberland by Rob Say accompanied by Will Chamberlain & Andy May


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Rob is one of the foremost performers of traditional music from the North East of England. He plays Northumbrian smallpipes and English concertina and is joined by Will Chamberlain on piano and Andy May on pipes (3 & 16)

Full Track listing:

  1. The Gilsland Hornpipe / Old Tom’s Rant / Bewick’s Hornpipe
  2. Coilsfield House
  3. Powburn Lads / The Real Thing / Alfie Pigg’s Jig
  4. The Farmyard Schottische
  5. The English Bring To Gratney Green The Lasses That Ha’e Siller
  6. The Idle Bairn /Blokes of Bluehill / Little Jenny
  7. Christine Taylor’s Jig / October Jig
  8. Jean Kirkpatrick’s Fancy / Whinshield’s Hornpipe
  9. Bonny Tyneside / Napoleon’s Grand March
  10. The Squirrel In The Tree / Jack’s Pocket Ashtray / Aunty Mary’s Canadian Jig
  11. Because He Was A Bonny Lad + variations
  12. The Newlyweds’ Waltz
  13. The Omnibus / The Exhibition
  14. Farewell To Whisky
  15. The Belfast Polka
  16. Cut And Dry Dolly + variations


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