Daft Laddies


Farming Tales of North Tyne and Rede, 50 years on

130+ pages containing tales of Clive and Don’s early years as ‘daft laddies’ on the farm in the 1950s plus a handy dialect guide.

Includes a CD of Don Clegg bringing the stories to life in the spoken word.

It’s all here; the people, the sheep, the bull in the bowler hat, and the importance of a good pair of boots.

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Clive Dalton & Don Clegg are the daft laddies who wrote their stories down in the 1990s. The book was no longer available so Don asked me to see if we could reprint the book and make it available once again. Fortunately the original text was available (on a disk!) and the book has been completely reset.

“Ivrybody knaas that man!” Aye, they did, and then you realise that so many of the folk who did indeed “knaa that” have long gone, and we former dafter farm laddies are now the owld fogies we used to laugh at, mimic unmercifully and run rings aroond. It’s an awful shock to take 1950 from 2003 and see huw lang ago that waas. The 1950s are now ancient history , and we thowt aspects of farming life at the time were mebbe worth writin’ doon for posterity.

we hope you get a bit laff from wor scribblkings, and maybe a few fond memories of past times and acquaintances in the North Tyne and rede valleys that are so rich in Border history.

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